Facebook Login

Facebook is the most used social network worldwide. With over 900 million users, Facebook lets you connect with your friends and loved ones, also gives you the opportunity to be part of different groups and find businesses, labor, information, and everything you can think of. Whether for personal or business, everything goes through facebook, so it is essential to be connected and how to use its functions. Also accessible from Facebook Mobile.
Is this post we will teach them how to enter the world of facebook from the start!

Facebook Sign Up

Register with Facebook is very easy, simply enter the website www.facebook.com and enter the data into the form on the right:


First Name: Real Fist Name

Last Name: Real Last Name

Your Email: Where will receive the registration confirmation email, and all notices of Facebook

New Password: If possible numbers and letters, more than 8 characters that you remember.

It is important to real data because that way they can meet our friends and family to stay connected. After completing the form click Sign Up do Clicking Sign Up’re agreeing to the terms of use and privacy of Facebook.

Facebook Sign In

Once we have registered and verified your account, we must go to the website of Facebook www.facebook.com and enter our user (email address) and password and you’re ready!.

To explain what appears on the screen we will divide it into 3 parts:


From left: At the top there are 3 small images which will notify us whenever there is a new friend request or a new private message, or a global notification. Then, below, we find our favorites, Pages, Groups and Applications.
Center: At the top we find the Facebook Search, we use to find our friends, pages or groups. All you seek will be found in the Facebook Search. At the bottom are all updates of our friends (whenever we are in the Home) of the pages and the groups to which we are attached.
Right side: At the top we find the most important buttons, which are HOME and Facebook PROFILE. Below are the notifications and events calendar, and the application of games and applications. Below find Facebook advertising generally. If we can see Facebook Chat enabled him at the far right of the screen, always visible at all times.

Facebook Profile
This button located in the upper right leads to nuetra profile, where we can see all our publications, photos and videos, and also the things that our friends share specifically with you.

Facebook Status
To share news, ideas, photos, web addresses, videos or simply what you think of at the time, do it in the Facebook Status. We can do from home or from the profile, in the top center where it says “what’s on your mind?“.

We hope this information will be helpful. Best of luck!

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