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Twitter is one of the most popular social network of the moment. With over 500 million users, Twitter is a social network based on short messages, no more than 140 characters, where we learn all the new people, celebrities or companies they follow immediately. In Twitter the things that happen in the world are known immediately! You can also access Twitter Mobile, downloading the official app from the browser or just your mobile phone. We begin in this exciting social network;)

Twitter Sign Up
Create an Twitter Account is very simple, we just have to enter and complete the details shown on the main screen, click on Sign Up for Twitter, and leads us to a new page where you will verify the data needed. The data that we ask are:


Full Name: Full and real
Email: a real address to verify the Twitter account, then login. Also used to retrieve your password if you forget it.
Password: Usually asked to have more than 8 characters, letters and numbers. We must choose something to remember to avoid inconvenience to forget
Username: No words can be separated and should be available. Recall that then this username will be the one to pass on to our friends to follow us.

Twitter Sign In
Once we create the Twitter account and verified, we can start writing session entering our username or email and password. In the screen we find an image like this:


Let’s divided in 2 parts
Left: We find three buttons:
Home: The home screen, where we see the updates of the people who follow.

@ Connect: Here we see the updates that went places listed, indications, interactions, and also the answers to our Tweets.

This here we can also use the search to find the profiles that we follow.

# Discover: Here we see recommendations of Twitter, is divided into Stories, Activity, How to Follow, Find Friends, Browse categories
(To Select topics you’re interested in), then find topics tops of the moment (Trend Topic). Also in this section allows you to search the search Hashtag (#) or Keyword.

On the right, or center: At the top we find the Twitter Search to find topics or follow people. To the right of the Walkers search this profile, we can set up our Twitter account, and change other options like Twitter Backgrounds. Next to find the button to compose Tweets.

Twitter Profile Page
To access our profile we must click on our behalf, or from the options button located on the top right of the web page, and click on “view my profile page
On this page you can find all our tweets and retweets. We can also see our, Following, Followers, Favorites, Requests, Lists and Recent images.

How Tweet
Just click on the button located in the top right “Compose New Tweet” and write a tweet of no more than 140 characters. To name some Following our tweet must enter your username with the @ sign, for example “@ myfriend”. To participate in a Hashtag must first put the # sign, for example “# LoginHelpRules”. :)

We believe that with these guidelines you are ready to enter the fascinating world of Twitter. One should be encouraged, and follow all those interested.
Lots of luck!

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